Here I sit, writing on a train that is running approximately 30 minutes late out of Central Station. The train was supposed to leave central at 6:45pm, it’s crawling at around 5km per hour and 34 minutes into the trip we’ve not even arrived at the next train station.

There has not been a single announcement to advise passengers of what is going on, or to advise that the train is running late. This is just the tip of the ice berg for this dysfunctional company called RailCorp and Sydney Trains.

Infact the train that I was on this morning was delayed by 23 minutes due to mechanical failures and last week, the 7:39am train ran late by 32 minutes every single day. The train was delayed outside of Hornsby Station as their was no free platform for the train to enter on. (this is not the first time I have witnessed the 7:39am be late every single day).

You might start to think that this surely must show up in Sydney Trains performance reports, but no it doesn’t. That’s because trains from the Central Coast to Hornsby are called NSW Trains and trains from Hornsby to Sydney are called Sydney Trains.

Performance reporting is done for Sydney Trains and NSW Trains separately. So late running services between the two companies are not likely to show and are not likely to be fixed.

After travelling and putting up with Sydney Trains and NSW Trains dodgy services for over 20 years, i’ve got to draw the line. Enough is enough and something must be done about this dismal service offering.

There is no concept of redundancy or fail over, every network i’ve worked with and seen has this built in. It should not be a problem if there is a problem with the tracks, failover and go around it.

Maintenance of trains is a clear issue, Sydney Trains and NSW Trains simply don’t do enough maintenance on their trains. 7 trains last week were the cause of late or cancelled services. Some with doors not opening or closing and others with brake issues.

Communication and advising passengers of what is going on, simply does not happen often at all. Passengers are left to their own devices or simply look around in a non moving train in the middle of no where wondering when the train might start moving again. This is not acceptable at all and there is no one to complain to that actually takes this seriously.

If this was a private company the public would be up in arms and angry, reports to the ACCC and more demanding refunds. We need to treat Sydney Trains and NSW Trains in the same way. They provide a service and need to be accountable for this.

The CEO and staff need to take a good hard look at themselves, change their ethics and smarten up. Sydney and Central Coast residents will not continue to put up with such dismal services for much longer.

We’re calling for the privatisation of the train and transport network, or at least introduce some competition. The service in it’s current state is piss poor and embarrassing.

To add fuel to the fire hundreds of Socceroos fans missed the first half of the soccer match due to train delays. The excuses given are dismal and not even our problem.

Sydney Trains still have not taken any accountability for the loss they have caused someone else.

Sydney Trains  has issued a statement apologising for the huge delays last night, which left hundred of Socceroos  fans stranded and furious on the way to the match at Olympic Park.

The delays were caused by “a number of unexpected incidents“, including a tree on the tracks and several instances of attempted self-harm. Because all these incidents happened at the same time, the delays were sudden, unannounced, and massive.

The truth is it’s not good enough for Sydney Trains to yet again simply apologise, its probably time they put there money where there mouth is and really apologise.

The public need to be angry about this and take action. We’re the one’s getting ripped off daily by allowing such services to continue.

Salaries of RailCorp

The management team of this dismal poor performing service take home a total of $11.5 million dollars in salaries from tax payers money. This does not include the actual ground workers salaries.

Name Company Title Annual Salary
Rob Mason RailCorp Chief Executive Officer $503,181.00
Les Wielinga Transport NSW Director General $478,800.00
Andrew Byford RailCorp Chief Operating Officer $408,544.00
Gavin Campbell RailCorp Group General Manager, Asset Operations $375,000.00
Ian McCullogh RailCorp Group General Manager, Engineering and Projects $375,000.00
Peter Rowley State Transit Authority Chief Executive $337,840.00
Frederick Paton RailCorp Project Director PPP $334,400.00
Paul Poynton RailCorp Strategic Business Relationship Manager $333,333.00
Clare Kitcher RailCorp Group General Manager Safety and Environment and Chief Risk Officer $318,552.00
Gary Pedersen RailCorp Group General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services $316,763.00
Louise Hart RailCorp Director Special Projects $303,410.00
Elizabeth Zealand Public Transport Ticketing Corporation Chief Executive Officer $300,800.00
Joseph Camilleri RailCorp General Manager Rolling Stock $289,008.00
Brian Hartmann RailCorp Director Human Resources $288,919.00
Vivienne King RailCorp Group General Manager Strategy and Service Development $285,000.00
Aidan Hughes RailCorp Executive General Manager Commercial Services $278,512.00
John Minchin RailCorp General Manager Infrastructure Maintenance $277,695.00
David Foldi RailCorp General Manager, Infrastructure Renewals $274,386.00
Nigel Howlett RailCorp General Manager Projects $271,253.00
Ian Hill RailCorp General Manager Train Crewing $266,556.00
Guy Collishaw RailCorp Engineering Technical Director $265,598.00
Dimitrios Modrouvanos RailCorp General Manager Chief Engineer $262,840.00
Marianne Hammerton RailCorp Director Office of Rail Heritage $262,637.00
Irene Rusak RailCorp Corporate Counsel, Company Secretary $262,244.00
Armand Casolin RailCorp Chief Health Officer $262,218.00
David Spiteri RailCorp General Manager, Asset Planning and Performance $261,641.00
Thomas Forrest RailCorp Executive General Manager Business Coordination $260,000.00
Anthony Eid RailCorp General Manager, Operations and Deputy Chief Operating Officer $258,960.00
Ronnie Azzi RailCorp General Manager Professional Services $258,950.00
Peter Crimp RailCorp General Manager Finance $254,678.00
Robert Needham RailCorp Transition and Implementation Director $251,606.00
Julian Richards RailCorp General Manager, Communications and Control Systems $249,600.00
Ronald Creighton RailCorp General Manager, Emergency Preparedness $249,116.00
William Cowan RailCorp General Manager, Customer Serive, Sector 2 $248,170.00
Paul Passmore RailCorp General Manager, Security $245,000.00
Kevin McCafferty RailCorp General Manager, Strategic Procurement and Supply $241,041.00
Stephen Smith RailCorp General Manager, ICT Strategy and Architecture $240,000.00
Steven Beasley RailCorp General Manager, Business Services $236,106.00

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