Here’s the low down on McDonalds Wyoming NSW.

McDonald’s Wyoming is a 50 seater with kids playground equipment. Last year they had completed some renovations to bring the restaurant upto date.

Inside there’s a McCafe and a few self service terminals to order a make your own style burger.
The 50 seater dining area has a nice ambience but nothing takes away from the fact you’re still in Wyoming.

Our Experience

We played with the self service terminals and built a pretty standard burger that you’d pay approx $10 – $12 in most decent cafes. McDonalds wanted $23 per burger with no chips, drinks or any extras.

We’re not quite prepared to spend $23 on a McDonalds burger where much better quality can be had at many places.

The McCafe is small and the mini cheese cakes look a little dried out. There was nothing appealing to eat or drink from the McCafe, so we gave it a pass.

We looked on the McDonalds website and it says that McDonalds offer a vegetarian burger, so we ordered that.

The dialogue goes like this:
Order Taker: “a what?”
Me: 2x vegetarian burgers please.
Order Taker: We don’t have that.
Me: It’s on your website.
Order Taker: Im looking at the website and there is nothing there.
Me: Great, I have the website in front of me now and it is there, im looking at it now.
Order Taker: Sorry we don’t have a vegetarian burger.
Me: Okay so am I wasting my time?
Order Taker: We don’t have a vegetarian burger.
McManager: Sir please move on, I don’t like the way you are talking to a 14 year old.
Me: McManager, why don’t you have any vegetarian burgers like the website says you do?
McManager: We don’t have a vegetarian burger but you are free to order any burger and ask for the meat to be removed.
Me: Are you serious, that’s an insult. You’re telling me that your idea of vegetarian is a damn bun with sauce?? So I can order a cheese burger with no meat and no cheese, im left with a bun, sauce, onion and a pickle. Great vegetarian option asshole.

McDonalds remains out of tune with their customers and that is why their business is failing, they don’t know how to cater for what people really want.
To top this off the staff at Wyoming McDonalds are not friendly, not helpful or polite and do not give a crap when they stuff the order up, it’s business as usual for them.

Our experience with ordering Sausage and Egg McMuffins, Big Macs and Quarter Pounders was average, the food quality poor.
Kitchen staff may not be the brightest we’ve seen.

We did order a cheese burger with no bun, they gave the remaining ingredients in a burger box, which was fine except for the fact that the cheese was on the bottom and meat on top. The cheese had melted to the box and we were not able to peal the cheese from the box, being left with a slice of meat, sauce and finely diced onion.


The dining area is far from clean, even when quiet we had to find and clean our own table. The floors had food on them and dried into the floor. Looking like it had been left for several hours. If this is the attitude taken towards the dining area, we’d hate to see what the kitchen areas look like.


Average quality service, coupled with poor quality food and food handling skills. We personally do not visit this store anymore as it’s just a waste of time.

Contact Details

Address: 467 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming NSW 2250
Hours: Open today · 5am–11pm
Phone: (02) 4322 0176