LG TD-C803 Condenser Dryer

A recent purchase of the  LG TD-C803 Condenser Dryer by a family member might of seemed to be the great addition to one’s home. They regretfully did not do any research on the product before buying it.

Consumers need to be aware of the differences between a normal heat plate dryer and a condenser dryer. The old style of heat plate dryers work wonders in drying clothes in minutes, but they are harsh and destroy clothes in the long run.

Condenser dryers are designed to be friendly to clothes and take hours to dry clothes while consuming lots of electricity.


The purchased LG TD-C803 worked fine for the first 3 months, but then started having issues. The dryer stopped drying properly, stopped randomly in the middle of a cycle and sat there beeping. They cleaned the filter, poured out and trapped water and the dryer still would not function.

The only setting that worked was ‘wool’ which is a 20 minute cycle. They had to run the wool cycle 5 times a day to dry one barrel of clothes.

They had enough by now and contacted LG customer support. Customer support advised to use a different program setting such as wool and also told to unplug the dryer and wait 20 seconds and plug back in again.

This did not fix the problem and continued to beep and stop. Customer support then advised me to use wool and I would have to deal with it the way it was or buy a new one.

After getting extremely pissed off and saying no, this is not what they had paid for customer support said someone will give me a call regarding the matter. LG customer support called back 2 weeks later, They were busy and missed the call. They have not tried calling them back since.

They have called LG customer support again to follow this up, only to be told ‘someone will return your call’. Their call has not been returned and no response to an additional 3 phone calls since then.

They are disappointed and infuriated with the level of customer support and the poor quality product.

This is not the end of this, and LG will be hearing from prodreview.com.au to ensure this issue is dealt with properly.

There are too many similar stories with people and the same model of LG TD-C803 Dryer that it’s hard to ignore or dismiss the goods as not faulty.

The LG TD-C803 Condenser Dryer is without a doubt a BUYER BEWARE and DO NOT BUY type situation.
The LG TD-C803  is by no means a cheap dryer at $899 and people are finding them just useless.