nail salon mask

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of nail salons appearing all over the place, including in the middle of shopping centres. At some point we may have walked past a nail salon, only to smell toluene, a paint thinner smell. We wonder how many people have ever bothered to stop and […]

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City of Sydney Council fines null and void

All Fines From ‘City Of Sydney’ Council Are Null and Void. A fine is only payable when it meets the conditions of the law, not when the fine or the corporation handing it out contradicts the law. We’ve recently done some digging as a result of receiving a parking fine from infamous City Of Sydney. ‘City Of […]

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referendum 2019 Australia

Referendum 2019 is a mass vote by the Australian people to say no to the tyrannical behaviour and bad decisions that are continuing to be made on behalf of the Australian people. It’s a chance for all Australians to end this style of Government and to start something new and fresh for 2020. The Australian […]

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