Just after 3pm on Sunday 7th January 2018 the temperatures soared to 47.3 degrees celcius. Most people were inside with the air conditioning turned on.

We might want to spare a thought for the animals left outside in the heat and made to work as Stardust Circus is in town.
Stardust has been coming to Gosford Waterfront for the last 20 years, but I think we need to draw the line somewhere on today’s disaster. It’s more like a cruelty to animals case.

Monkeys and Lions were left in direct heat caged outdoors today in this heat. Action needs to be taken against Stardust Circus and their treatment of animals. Many animals suffered today and they don’t quite have a voice to express this.

Stardust is one of the two remaining Circuses in Australia using animals including horses, pigs, goats monkeys and African lions.

The No Animal Circus in Gosford group called on the council to ban the use of exotic animals in circuses on public land, claiming animal circuses were recently banned by Hornsby and Newcastle councils.

Central Coast Council Mayor Jane Smith stood by the council’s 2018 commitment to allow Stardust Circus to operate on its land. However, Mayor Smith said she would be reviewing the council policy for future events.

We ask that everyone get involved and support the the Animal Justice Party in ensuring this is the last event for Stardust. More information on the Animal Justice Party can be found at  https://animaljusticeparty.org

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